MSAADA: Final Presentation

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Ushahidi is an open-source, crowd-mapping platform created in 2008 to visualize the violence that occurred after the election fall-out in Kenya. Since then, it has been customized in many situations to aid in disaster relief; specifically in 2010 to assist in crowd sourcing the crisis after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Approximately 60,000 text messages were received from Haitians requiring assistance without an existing system in place to validate, answer, or monitor those pleas.

After analyzing the various crises associated with technology in Haiti, we decided to focus on designing a solution that created a continuous feedback loop between victims and aid groups as well as developing a method that validated and tracked aid relief pleas and efforts.

Our concept, MSAADA (Mobile Service and Aid Deployment Agency), is a model that trains able-bodied members of the community to provide relief and assistance post-crisis via mobile technology.